Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Goa - one word that is sufficient to instill enthusiasm in everyone and bring a big smile to their face. The fun capital of India is the place for anyone seeking an enjoyable and adventure filled vacation.

The beaches are the prime attraction. They are the place where you can just let yourself go wild. Watersports like swimming, kayaking, surfing, scuba diving and skiing are huge hits with tourists. Only thing to be kept in mind is that not everywhere, it is safe to undertake watersports. So just find out before you jump in the water.The beaches are also perfect if you want to enjoy the beauty of the rising sun, the warmth of afternoon sun and the silvery beauty of moon at night.

Apart from the beaches the culture and heritage of Goa is extremely attractive. From Hindu temples and Christian churches to festivals and local cuisine - all combine together to give Goa and identity that is distinctly unique. The Churches of old Goa are infact included in the list of World Heritage Sites. Goa Carnival and celebrations of Christmas and New year mark the time when fun and fiesta in Goa are at their peak. Taste of fiery red curries and cashew feni is definitely not to be missed out.

Though not very famous, Goan wildlife sanctuaries are worth a visit. Also the interiors of Goa, far from the beaches, are the places where you can see a different Goa - attractions that are not talked about and paths that have not been covered.

In brief Goa is a place where anyone, just anyone will enjoy himself/herself. So, have fun, observe a new lifetsyle and take a look at the interesting sights.

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That's why Goa beaches are most famous in the wold because they are the most peaceable beaches. They are always crowded.