Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Tour to Churches of North India

North India is famous for its tourist attractions including religious sites of Hindus and Muslims. Besides, the region is also home to a number of finest churches of the country, which are visited by Christians and large number of tourists as well. Built several years ago, the churches of North India are known for their architectural styles and beautiful designs. So, venture out on a church tour this vacation and experience the ultimate spirituality in the peaceful interiors. Some of the famous churches of North India are :

St. Stephen’s Church (New Delhi) :
St. Stephen’s Church lies on the main Church Mission road. Built in the year 1862, the rectangular Romanesque church reflects the typical Gothic style. You will certainly amazed by seeing the high ceiling with baroque style of decoration. Main attractions of the church is the stained glass rose window, while fine plasters forming an arcade on either side of the lined column add more to its charm. The interiors with all its motives, carvings, icons and furnitures has also been preserved well.

Church of Redemption (New Delhi) : The Church of Redemption is situated to the east of Parliament House and belongs to the Church of North India. A simple yet attractive the Anglican church was designed by Henry Medd and completed in 1935 in eight years. Though the exterior of the church is ordinary, but interior with red sand stone roofing is very conspicuous. The church has small recessed openings and an attractive glass window and the spiritual aura of the church is enhanced by the light streaming through its crescent windows.

Sardhana Church (Meerut) : Built by Begum Samru in 1822, the Sardhana Church is one of the finest churches of its time. The interiors of the church are awesome with impressive sculptures by an Italian sculptor Adano Tadolini. Earlier the church was known as a Cathedral but in 1961, Pope John XXII proclaimed it as a minor Basilica – a rare honour revered for beautiful and historically popular churches. Outside the church, a beautiful marble statue of Our Lady of the Graces presides over a massive marble altar, inlaid with floral designs in semiprecious stones.

All Saints Cathedral (Allahabad) : Locally referred as the Pathar Girja (meaning stone church), All Saints Cathedral is one of the most famous landmarks of the city. Designed by Sir William Emerson, the cathedral is a typical European edifice. Built in the 13th century in Gothic style of architecture, the church stands like a rock like structure. Considered one of the finest cathedrals in India, the church is known for its stained glass work displaying exquisite craftsmanship.

Kasauli Church (Uttarakhand) : Situated on the Mall near Kasauli’s bus stand, the Christ Church is one of the most tastefully designed buildings and a fine specimen of the erstwhile English architecture. The church was built in the shape of cross by the British families who also laid the foundation of the town in 1842. The most striking feature of the church is its elegantly done stained glass paintings. An amazing resplendence illuminates the church when the sun rays falls on these stained glasses.

Churches of Pachmarhi (Madhya Pradesh) : The Christ Church and The Catholic Church are the architectural jewells in the town of Pachmarhi. A Protestant Church, the Christ Church is also called Black Church and considered the most beautiful church in Madhya Pradesh. The church’s sanctum sanctorum has a hemispherical dome on top with its ribs ending with faces of angels. While the Catholic Church called Red Church is a blend of French and Irish architecture.

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