Monday, August 31, 2009

Tawang in Arunachal: Fluttering its Serenity with new surprises to woo tourists

Moored high up in the glossy mountain ranges of the Himalayas at 3500 metres above sea level is Tawang better known as the beautiful land of the Monpas. Tawang is famously known to be hidden paradise or the mesmerising land of the Dawn lit mountains. Tawang evokes the images of the awesome mountain views, quaint and sleepy villages, remote found hamlets,magical gompas, allusive lakes and much more.

The land is said to be heavenly abode of a lethal mixture of history, religion and legends. The name Tawang derives from the meaning 'the horse chosen place' with a reference to the way in which Merak Lama's horse wandered off in the wild and discovered a perfect spot on which the present day Galden Namgyal Monastery stands. It is also famously known as the Tawang Gompha. This Gompha is in the centre of Tawang and placed on a 2760 metre high ridge with a splendid view of the valleys deep down. This gompa is a Mahayana monastery.

The Mystical province of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh has geared up itself for many surprises to woo the tourists in the forthcoming months. Efforts have been made to engrave the portraits of Sangey Chomden (Lord Buddha), Chandeze (Tara Devi), guru Rinpoche (Guru Padmasambhave) visible on the steep rocky mountains of Sharo village. The portraits would be made visible to the travellers as well as the tourists or commuters who are moving from jung towards Tawang .It is estimated and thought that after the completion of the portrait in the form of Sculpture it would be one of the hot spot of Tourism.

This project is being implemented under the close scrutiny of the Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu himself as per the report on 29th Aug 2009. Mr Dorjee Khandu the Chief Minister is said to have directed the artist himself of the fine finishing touches of the sculpture to be implemented.

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