Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Agra, the land of Taj Mahal is an important destination in the world tourism map. People around the globe come to visit Agra. The Taj Mahal of Agra is the seventh wonder of the world. It is a symbol of love. It was made by Shahjahan as a token of love to his wife Mumtaj after her death.
There are three heritage monuments in Agra, namely, Agra Fort, The Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. Though it is a city of marble and stone but it has got a rich culture, art, and Philosophy.

On the bank of the river Yamuna Agra boasts of as a Mughal emperor of India. The majestic Agra fort tells the story of bygone era. The architecture of the fort goes above any comparison. On the other side of the Fort is The Taj Mahal. In between there is the river Yamuna. The view of the Taj Mahal from Agra fort is marvellous.

The Taj mahal is made of white marvell with intricate meena work and valuable gem stones. The beauty of Taj mahal is beyond any description. And the reason behind this great piece of art gives the monument a life.
Another attractions of Agra is the Fateh Pur Sikri. It is a city made by Akbar in honour to the sufi saint Sheikh Salim Chisti. Actually Akbar wanted to shift the capital from Agra to Fatehpur. It is a royal city of a kind. But today the city has been destroyed only the ruins remain. The architecture of the Fateh Pur sikri display a great variety of Rajasthani and Gujrati style. Jami Masjeed in the centre of the Sikri symbiolises the cities spiritualism.
Beside these three monuments Agra has some other important interesting spots like Sikandra, the mausolumn of emperor Akbar, Dayal Bagh etc. Agra gets its colour, vigour, splendour every year during Taj Mahotsav. It is a ten days celebration of culture, art, heritage, craft and cuisines.

Agra is a small town with great historical importance. The state is rich in art, culture and music.
Agra is famous for handi craft work, marvel, leather work, brass wok, Zari and embroidary.

Getting there
Agra is well connected from all the places. Regular buses and train are available from Delhi.

Staying facility
There are all types of hotels and resorts available in Agra. To be on safer side it is always better to book the hotel during the peak season.

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