Monday, December 1, 2008


One of the four metros in India, the capital of West Bengal Kolkata is an interesting place. Once it was the capital of the British India. Thanks to the British Raj for the architecture and status that they have given to Kolkata. Kolkata is an happening city and when it comes to the entertainment the city has lots of things to offer. It has got lots of interesting places to visit there like Fort William, Victoria Memorial, Eden Garden, Birla Planetarium, Howrah Bridge, Marble Palace, Writer's Building, Nicco Park, Saheed Minar, National Library, Belur Math etc. There are various cultural activities in various auditorium which are best source of entertainment.

The city
Tourists find the place Kolkata a different place. It is a Bengali dominated place and people are very friendly. It is the most laid back city in the world. They love to chat and start talking to the tourists very fast. They have cultural bend of mind and an artistic flair. In fact Kolkata is famous for cultural activities be it dance, poetry, theater, drama, music, instrument everything. They love to discuss in any matters as they have enough time. It is said that at bus, tram or in tea shop a complete strangers turn in to comrades as the local people pore over in to news paper, - that's Kolkata.
A visit to Kolkata will not be complete with out a festival. During the festival women with their saris and men with payjama, conch shell sound, the aroma of camphore, vermilion, ghee, white, yellow flowers with green leaf, pungent fragnance from the kitchen, chants and hyms offer the traveller a sense of home in Kolkata. The famous festival of Kolkata are Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Holi and many more.

Kolkata is famous for good eateries. Ilsha fish and macher jhol bhat and roso golla of Bengal are world famous. There are all types of food available in Kolkata but the traditional Bengali food are awe some. The street food of Kolkata are very yummy and cheap.

Kolkata is an ideal place for shopping in reasonable price. Teracotta items are very nice things to buy from there. Cotton clothes, chappals are very trendy there.

Kolkata is well connected from all over the world and have got lots of lodging facility.

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