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Formerly called Bezawada now it is Vijaywada, a vibrant city on the bank of the river Krishna surrounded by hills. It is an interesting place in South India. There are a number of tourists spots having religious, historical and archaeological importance. The famous celebration of the place is MahaShivaratri. During that time the place folks with religious tourists. This place is known for toys. The toys are made of light wood which are known as poniki. Most of the villages are around have developed cottage industries like toy making, cotton weaving, fabric printing, fruit processing etc.

Places of interest
Kanaka Durga Temple – At the entrance of the city this famous temple attracts tourists on a hill top. The main attraction of the temple is the Dasara celebration. Every year lots of tourists come here and take holy dip in the river Krishna.
Prakasam Barrage – This barrage is built across the river Krishna. This barrage has created a panoramic lake. It has three canals which run through the city and gave a Venetian look to the city.
Gandhi Hill – The Gandhi Memorial with 7 Stupas in the city pay homage to the father of the nation mahatma Gandhi. These are constructed on the hill at a height of 500 feet. There are library the sound and Light Show of Mahatma Gandhi's life and a planetarium are the other attractions of Vijayawada.
Mogalarajapuram Caves – These caves are said to be excavated in 5th century A. D. The idols of Lord Nataraja, Vinaka and Ardhanareeswara exist with in it. And these are really awe some. Another 7th century A.D. Cave was used as a rest house by Buddhist monks. A huge monolith of the Lord Buddha in reclining posture is a magnificent sight sight of this double storied cave.

There are other interesting sites also like Rajiv Gandhi Park, Victoria Museum, Bhavani island, Kondapalli Fort, Manginapudi beach, kuchipuri, Kolleru Lake etc. Most interestingly the boating and water sports on river Krishna arranged by Andhrapradesh tourism are very much exciting.

This small town of Andhrapradesh attracts lots of Buddhist pilgrims. Many stupas and vihar were built during the Satavahana and Salivahana and Ikshvaku reign. The famous Buddhist sites are Bhattiprolu, Goli, Guntupalli, Ghantasala around Vijaywada.

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