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Ornamented by the Dargah Shariff of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Chisty, Ajmer is a small but very famous city in the state Rajasthan. Nestled in the lap of Aravalli Ajmer is one of the holiest place of worship not only of Muslims but also of all religion who believes in Khwaja. The city possesses the mausoleum of the sufi saint, khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. Every day thousands of pilgrims visit the Dargah to seek blessings of the saint. The famous marble domed mausoleum of the saint is one of the most important shrine for Muslims and the place witnesses an endless flow of visitors of all religion as the sick, the troubled and the childless come here to seek blessings or just peace of mind. There is a legend that the Mughal emperor, Akbar came here to the saint in quest of an heir and the saint full filled his wish.

Major Tourists attractions of the city
Centre of attractions of the city is the Dargah and except this the city boasts of having some historical monuments of Mughal era. Adhai-din ka Jhonpra is a remarkable structure of Indo islamic architecture. It was used be a Sanskrit College in 12th century but later on it was rebuilt and turned into a mosque. The amazing fact about it is that it built on pillars and no two pillars are alike.
Akbar Fort , was the royal residence of emperor Akbar. It is centrally located and well known for its museum with in the fort. Anna Sagar lake is another tourists spot with in the city. It is located in the north of the city. The lake had been decorated by the Mughal emporiors and it has added beauty to the city. Nasiyan Jain Temple is a worth visiting place in Ajmer. Mayo College, one of India's best public school is also located in Ajmer. It has been a school to many great personalities of India.
Another important attractions of Ajmer is the famous urs festival. It is the main annual festival celebrated in the seventh month of the lunar calender. It is a vibrant and musical festival. Amazing Qawalis are sung during the festival in the Dargah. Millions of people all over the world visit this place during the festival.
You can also shop some memories from Ajmer also as the city offers wonderful silver jewelry with a ethnic touch. Several handicraft items, jooti are Ajmer's prime attractions.

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