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Kashi, in the north India and Rameshwaram in the South India are the two places that are considered as the abode of God in India. These are considered as the famous shrine of Hindus in India. At the very tip of Indian peninsula, Rameshwaram is an island in the gulf of manner. It is an important pilgrimage centre. Let me just give the historical detail of the place. The history of the place lies in the age of Lord Rama. It is the place where Rama built the Ram Setu across the sea to rescue his consort Sita from Ravana. It is in the Rameshwaram where Rama worshipped Shiva to washed away the sin of killing Ravana. The presiding deity here is the Linga Of Sri Ranganatha. Rameshwaram is known as the Varanasi in the South.

Attractions of the place -

Ramanathaswamy Temple :

The main magnetic pull of the town is the Ramanathaswamy Temple, a wonderful example of Dravidian architecture. It sprawled over an area of 15 acres with huge gopurams, monolithic walls and a stupendous Nandi, which is around 18 feet tall and 22 feet in length. The pillars and corridor of the temple are world famous. There are around 4000 pillars, each pillar 4000 feet long create an amazing view of the temple. The corridor of this temple is the longest corridor of the world. Legends say that

Rama sanctified this place by worshipping Siva after he won the battle in Sri Lanka. The construction of the temple began in the 12th century AD and additions were made over the centuries by various rulers, so that today its gopuram is 53 m high. Only Hindus may enter the inner sanctum.

Gandamadana Parvatham :

Just 2 km from the temple, this is the highest point on the island. It is a stepped hall where the imprint of Lord Rama's feet placed on a Chakra (wheel). Being the highest point, the place offers an excellent view of the country side.

Dhanushkodi :

The place named after the bow of Lord Rama is at a distance of 8 kms from Rameshwaram. The boulders around the sea between Srilanka and this place known as Adam's bridge, are believed to be used by Hanuman to reach across Srilanka. It is an excellent place to witness the history.


The beach of Rameshwaram is also very famous. The serene, tranquil beach of Rameshwaram attracts each and every tourist visit the place.

Rameshwaram is not only a famous pilgrimage centre but also a famous holiday spot too. The communication of the place is very smooth. The nearest air port is Madurai and by train and bus it is well connected from every where. There are plenty of hotels, so there is no accommodation crisis.

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