Friday, June 10, 2011

Top Adventure Sports in India

With diverse topography, India is a perfect destination to enjoy several spine chilling adventure sports in India.

Most Thrilling Adventure Activities in India
Water Sports in India
Explore the treasures of under water world and exotic coral reef.
Snorekeling in India

Scuba Diving in India
River Rafting in India

Climbing in India
Indulge in thrilling adventure activities to explore dense forests, rugged terrains and snow capped mountains of India.
Mountaineering in India

Mountain Biking in India

Mountain Climbing in India

Wildlife Safari in India

National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India provide shelter to numerous species of fauna and flora.
Elephant Safari in India

Indian Forest Trail

Camel Safari in India

Aero Sports in India

Flying across the sky to catch a glimpse of nature is truly exciting and thrilling.
Para Gliding in India

Hang Gliding in India

Hand Gliding in India

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