Thursday, September 8, 2011

Climate in Goa

Goa is a coastal region and hence experiences a tropical climate throughout the year. Weather in Goa India is hot and humid all through the year except for few months when the temperature level dips and the weather becomes relatively pleasant.

Temperature in Goa in May is the highest with the average high being 33 °C and average low being 26.3. The weather in Goa in June is also similar to May but the arrival of monsoons brings down the soaring temperature level a bit and offers a much needed relief to the people. Monsoons continue till September, washing every corner of Goa and soaking every soul in its freshness.

Weather in Goa in October sees a bit of more pleasantness and with the advent of December, the short and sweet winter season of Goa finally arrives. For the next two months, the temperature level in Goa remains at an average low of 20.6 °C. This is the perfect time for tourists to explore Goa. Know more about Goa Climate

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